08 Feb 2020
Alexander Electric, Electrical Contracting in Columbus

Many locals of Columbus, GA, are drawn to this location because of the historic district and history that surrounds it. However, this means many of the homes and commercial buildings do not have updated wiring which can be risky for home and business owners.

You might assume that your location is safe from commercial fire hazards, but you should make yourself aware of the risks that come along with keeping your old wiring. Listed below are six ways your wiring could be a potential fire hazard.


Early Methods of Electrical Wiring – A standardized method known as knob and tube wiring was common in the early 1900s. To keep this kind of wiring safe in homes and businesses today, it must be carefully and frequently maintained. However, the slightest issues such as installing insulation around it can make this method a commercial fire hazard.

Outdated Design – Many of us love the charm that comes along with a historic building, but chances are, the electrical design is extremely outdated. Electrical standards update every three years, therefore it is important to make sure you hire professional electricians that follow these regulations to avoid fire hazards.

Old Insulation – Whether your insulation is old or there is simply just not enough of it, this leaves exposed wires which oftentimes results in a fire.

Low Amp Wiring – With technology always advancing, we tend to fill our homes and businesses with many electronics and devices. Keep in mind that today’s appliances need high amperage that old or outdated wiring does not provide.

Poorly Altered Wires – If you’re in an old building or home, chances are that the wires have been messed with over the years. This can be from maintenance or just doing a quick fix. It’s important to ensure that there are no loose wires and to be aware of any abnormal occurrences like flickering lights.

Faulty Breakers – It’s not just the old wiring that could be a commercial fire hazard, it could be an outdated breaker that is causing issues. If the circuits aren’t working properly, it’s important to take action and call an electrician.


When To Give your Alexander Electricians a Call

Whether you’re relocating your business into an older building or noticing electrical occurrences that seem out of the ordinary, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a qualified electrician.

Experts suggest conducting electrical inspections every 10 years and before you move into a home. Taking these necessary precautions could prevent a dangerous fire in your home or business.

To learn more, contact the trusted professionals at Alexander Electric Co. to ensure you’re taking the proper actions toward electrical safety.












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