30 Sep 2019
alexander electric

When it comes to choosing an electrical contracting company, there’s far more to research than simply a company who’s qualified to do the work. When entrusting your electrical needs with someone, you’re entrusting your home, family, business, and more into their hands. That’s why you want to get to know a company on a personal level. 

With the Alexander Electric Companies, you can trust to have peace of mind. Whether you need professional landscape lighting installed for your private residential home or an entire commercial property fitted out, rest assured that our highly trained team is ready and equipped for your electrical needs. 

We’ve Been In Columbus, GA for the Long Haul 

Alexander Electric has been in business for more than 70 years! We are family-owned and operated, starting back in 1948. Since then we’ve been serving the Columbus, Georgia area and surrounding communities. These decades of experience — through three generations — have allowed us to get to know our customers and gain their trust. Alexander Electric was established on the foundation of servant leadership, honesty, and integrity. We’ve been happy to help the same customers for years and are happy to call them friends. 

We Offer Commercial and Residential Services 

With a full range of experience in electrical services also comes a full range of services for our customers. That means wiring, repairs and more for both residential and commercial locations. Contact us for your needs with new builds, remodeling, or existing locations that have damage, or just need a few upgrades. We’re fully certified to inspect and prepare for your electrical upgrades. 

A Name You Can Trust 

It’s not just years we’ve got under our belt, it’s a growing reputation! With our fleet of recognizable yellow trucks, folks have come to look for Alexander Electric. When on the road, you can see us coming. When we’re on the site, customers know the job is being done on time and effectively. 

We’re Mobile and Widespread 

While we got our start in Columbus, we’ve since expanded to a wide range of service areas, including Phenix City, AL and Auburn, AL. Whether you’re in or near Columbus or located further out, get in touch about our electrical services. 

Alexander Electric Tech is Cutting Edge 

We pride ourselves in using new technology and state of the art equipment. With insiders in the biz, we work hard to keep all of our equipment new and compatible with the latest trends. That way we can help upgrade your electrical needs, no matter how complicated or elaborate they might be. Alexander Electric and the Alexander Companies are here to offer you the best of what is available in today’s electrical industry. 

Look for the yellow trucks! To learn more about our electric services and how we can assist, get in touch today

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